The Agriculture sector is the mainstay of the economy which contributes 15.5% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product. It is characterized by diverse investment opportunities ranging from the production of cash crops, production of strategic crops, mechanization, horticulture and the upgrading of agricultural equipment and livestock. There are wide arrays of investment opportunities in Agriculture that have the potential to boost the sector’s viability.

Opportunities in the Agricultural Sector

  • National Irrigation Rehabilitation and Development Programme.
  • Livestock Capacity Building.
  • Rehabilitation of Cattle Infrastructure.
  • Pig Industry Board/Poultry
  • Small Stock Breeding and Multiplication Centres in Matebeleland South Province.
  • Matebeleland South Enhancing beef production through paddock and rotational grazing in the Gwanda District.
  • Rehabilitation of Infrastructure for Animal Health Extension Services.
  • Dairy Development Project.
  • Agro-Processing / Value Addition.
  • Recapitalization of the Cold Storage Commission (C.S.C).
  • Aqua Culture e.g. Binga Inshore Fisheries Development and Marketing.
  • Increasing Rice Production in Zimbabwe.
  • Improved Horticultural Productivity in Irrigation Schemes
  • Grain Marketing Board Contract farming for ground nuts, popcorn,
  • Cotton Farming
  • Potato Farming
  • Farm Mechanization Programs
  • Contract Farming

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