Immigration and Entrance Permits

Immigration Control Department facilitates entry, exit and stay of all immigrants and/or emigrants with a view to facilitate their investments among other functions.

Visa requirements are in three categories

    • Visas are not required for qualifying countries on a list available from the Department of Immigration.
    • Nationals of countries in the second category may obtain visas at port of entry in Zimbabwe
    • In the last category visas must be applied for and issued in advance of travel, from the respective Zimbabwe Embassies and/or Trade Missions/consulates.

*Fees vary according to country, information available on request from the Immigration Control Department or Zimbabwean Embassies

Residence and work permits

  • Invest not less than US$1 million in a project approved by ZIA will qualify for permanent residence on application
  • Invest US$ 100,000 in a joint venture, approved by the ZIA, with a local or permanent resident of Zimbabwe will qualify for a 3 year residence permit at the end of which permanent residence may be granted.
  • Work Permits granted on a case by case basis depending on justification. Employment of local labour is encouraged where skill are available


How does one proceed to apply for a residence / work permit?

Residence Permit

Any foreign investors wishing to take up residency in the country needs to acquire an Investment Licence. Certified copies of Investment Licence, indigenisation compliance, proof of funds for investment and police clearance from the country of origin are the major [pre-requisites when applying for the investor residence permit. The Immigration Control Department charges an application fee of US$500 for an investor residence permit.


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